Berry Punch’s Lawsuit Against Twilight’s Friendship School Dismissed

  • The lawsuit claiming discrimination against ponies filed by Berry Punch has been thrown out by the court due to a lack of substantial evidence. Berry Punch vows to appeal, citing corruption.

In a surprising development, Berry Punch’s lawsuit against Twilight’s Friendship School was quietly dismissed by a Canterlot court today. The suit had alleged discrimination against her daughter due to her species, but the judge ruled that there was insufficient evidence to substantiate the claim.

Berry Punch, who had filed the lawsuit on behalf of her daughter, has expressed outrage at the dismissal and accused the court of corruption. “This decision is a clear indicator of the power the crown wields over our judicial system,” Berry claimed in a statement released after the dismissal.

In her lawsuit, Berry Punch had argued that her daughter was denied admission to Twilight’s Friendship School solely due to her being a pony. She had cited a recent survey showing that there were fewer ponies than other species attending the school.

Despite the statistical claim, the court found the evidence to be insufficient in proving that the school’s admission process was discriminatory against ponies.

News Mare, commenting on the situation, noted, “Berry Punch’s case highlighted an important concern regarding Twilight’s Friendship School. But the dismissal of her lawsuit raises questions about whether there was a legitimate lack of evidence or if, as Berry Punch claims, there are larger forces at play.”

As Berry Punch seeks an appeal, Only Mare News will continue to follow this story, reporting on the ongoing developments and the broader implications for Twilight’s Friendship School and its admission policies.






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