Mayor Mare Takes Historic Stand Against Everfree Threats: First Local Declaration in 85 Years Sans Royal Support

  • In an unprecedented move, Mayor Mare issues a local declaration without Princesses’ approval, deploying Royal Guard to protect Ponyville from Everfree creatures.

In an unexpected and historic announcement, Mayor Mare declared today that the Royal Guard stationed in Ponyville will be deployed to the edge of the Everfree Forest, as a protective measure against the increasing threats posed by its creatures. Remarkably, this marks the first time in 85 years that an Equestrian noble has made such a local declaration without the explicit support or presence of Princess Celestia or Princess Luna.

The declaration, signed and enforced within the city limits of Ponyville, follows a rising trend of Everfree creatures invading the town, causing destruction and even theft. With fences proving futile against the incursions and local citizens living in fear, Mayor Mare’s action provides a much-needed sense of security for the town’s inhabitants.

The announcement, made at Ponyville Town Hall, has been met with a mixture of celebration and concern among Ponyville’s residents. Many are cheering Mayor Mare for taking decisive action to protect the town, while others are worried about the precedent that such an independent move might set.

“I’m glad Mayor Mare is doing something about this Everfree problem,” said local resident Big Macintosh. “We can’t keep losing livestock and worrying about our safety. It’s high time somepony stood up and did something.”

Others, however, express reservations. “The Royal Guard are under the direct authority of the princesses,” shared Twilight Sparkle, head of the local School of Friendship. “It’s concerning that Mayor Mare made this decision without their knowledge or approval. What kind of precedent does that set for the future?”

With this bold move, all eyes are now on the Royal Castle and the reaction of the Princesses. Will this local declaration be met with approval, dismissal, or something else entirely? Only time will tell. Until then, Ponyville waits and watches, a newfound sense of hope and apprehension hanging in the air.






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