Advanced Thaumic Innovations Unveils New MCC with Vertically Stacked Internal Runes: Promises Power, But at a Price

  • Revolutionary MCC tech meets the market; enthusiasts rejoice but caution at the steep price point.

As the world of Magical Computing Crystals (MCCs) continues to innovate, ATI (Advanced Thaumic Innovations) has just unveiled their upcoming MCC model. Based on the recent groundbreaking research on vertically stacked internal rune technology, this new MCC promises to pack a powerful punch, with performance numbers showing up to twice the speeds of current generation models.

While this news has undoubtedly stirred excitement among MCC enthusiasts, the price point has raised a few eyebrows. Originally speculated to be around 999 bits (₿), the announced price for the new model is significantly higher, coming in at 1499₿.

Despite this, many believe the lower price compared to the previous generation (around 1999₿) could potentially spur wider adoption of MCCs. However, many, including myself, still see this price as a bit steep for the average Equestrian household.

The question now is whether the technological advancements promised by ATI will be enough to justify the cost. While the vertical stacking of internal runes promises improved performance and efficiency, the proof will be in the pudding—or in this case, the crystal.

It will be intriguing to see how the market reacts once this new generation of MCCs is launched. Will it indeed revolutionize the MCC landscape, or will it serve as a lesson in the delicate balance between innovation and affordability? Only time will tell.







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