Upcoming Weekly Weather Forecasts: Keeping Equestrians Informed from East to West, North to South

  • News Mare brings you the latest weekly weather schedules for major cities across Equestria. Stay updated and plan ahead!

News Mare is here to help you plan your week ahead with the latest weather forecasts for Canterlot, Ponyville, Manehattan, Las Pegasus, Appleoosa, and Hoofington.

In Canterlot, expect clear skies and mild temperatures throughout the week, perfect for strolling around the city and enjoying the royal gardens.

Ponyville’s forecast is varied. Sunny weather is expected for the first few days of the week, but be prepared for a sudden downpour midweek courtesy of Rainbow Dash and her weather team.

Manehattan in the east is looking forward to sunny days with some scattered clouds. Ideal weather for sightseeing or spending time in the city’s bustling marketplaces.

To the west, Las Pegasus can expect gusty winds and scattered showers throughout the week. Visitors planning on enjoying the city’s outdoor attractions should consider indoor alternatives.

Heading south, Appleoosa is gearing up for some intense sun with high temperatures. Make sure to wear your hats, and stay hydrated, folks!

Finally, in the north, the border town of Hoofington should expect chilly temperatures with a light snowfall expected towards the end of the week.

We hope this information helps you plan your week accordingly, whether you’re farming apples or making a journey across our beautiful Equestria. As always, News Mare is dedicated to bringing you accurate and timely weather updates. Stay tuned!






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