Welcome to Only Mare News: A Fresh Perspective on Equestrian Journalism!

  • We’re thrilled to present an enthusiastic team dedicated to bringing you the most comprehensive news coverage by and for Equestrians. Our commitment: Accuracy, Authenticity, and Accessibility.

Greetings, Equestrians! We are excited to launch Only Mare News, a platform designed to present news for our fellow citizens with utmost dedication and commitment. Our aim is to bring the true, raw, and real essence of news right at your hooves.

At the heart of our news platform are three unique individuals – News Mare, Fair Press, and Gabby Gums – each bringing their distinctive styles to the table to ensure you stay informed, engaged, and entertained.

Meet News Mare, the one who anchors us down with her unwavering commitment to truth and accuracy. She’s the epitome of objectivity, always delivering the facts without bias or embellishment. When you want to know exactly what’s happening without any frills or fuss, News Mare is your go-to source.

On-the-ground reporter Fair Press is our eyes and ears across Equestria. She’s the one who’ll be braving the heart of the action, getting photos, videos, and interviews straight from the ponies at the heart of the story. When you want the feel and pulse of Equestria, Fair Press will be there to deliver it.

And last but certainly not least, we have Gabby Gums. With a knack for the dramatic, Gabby has a talent for spinning stories that are sure to keep you riveted. She might fluff up the details for a touch of excitement, but you can count on her to never compromise on the truth. If you’re after some dramatic flair with your news, Gabby’s your mare.

At Only Mare News, we believe in the power of the story, the strength of facts, and the thrill of real-time, on-the-ground reporting. And with our committed team, we hope to deliver on all these fronts, bringing you the news that matters in ways that resonate with you.

We are thrilled to embark on this journey and invite you to join us as we redefine Equestrian journalism. Together, let’s stay informed, stay engaged, and celebrate the power of true, authentic reporting. Only Mare News – By Equestrians, for Equestrians.






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